IT & Communication

Through partner companies and networks, the Svenska Bolagsteamet offers IT support and communication services such as;

IT support
Social Media
Web and e-commerce
Marketing Communications
Explainer, brand and product film

We provide IT support such as

  • Web & Ecommerce / SEO & SEA / Social Media

    Does your new company need a website? Maybe a social media platform for e-commerce? Or does an older website need to be optimized? Whatever your web needs look like, our developers and consultants have experience in helping companies build, develop and optimize our clients' websites and social media platforms to strengthen the brand and increase data traffic.

  • Marketing Communications

    We help you with your market communication. Through paid channels (SEA) and social media platforms we design content and strategy according to your needs and desires. Market communication means what you say, to whom, when and how. We support the development of a communication plan and provide automated services for sustainable and efficient communication.

  • Explainer, brand or product film

    Through partner companies, we produce engaging and communicative films that promote and explain brands, products or services. An animated explainer is by far the most effective tool for conveying messages and increasing social media visibility. An explainer is also an effective complement at trade fairs, sales meetings or sponsorship meetings.



We have produced 100's of films for different companies in different industries. For more information and references visit us at