Staffing & Consultation

Sometimes you have too much to do. Then you may need to strengthen some areas of work a little more without entering into long-term employment. To recruit often takes time and does not meet the needs that arise quickly. Another option is to hire staff from a staffing agency. There are both pros and cons to the latter. The disadvantage is that it can be more expensive than hiring. But in many cases, it is offset by the fact that the staffing agency has a larger network and, in this way, can better meet your needs than if you do the recruitment yourself. At the same time, hired staff is less risky because it is the staffing agency that has to solve the problems in the event of a failure in staffing. For shorter projects and seasonal jobs, this solution is recommended, although longer commitment has its benefits of course.

Cost-effective – with the right resources and expertise for the right task, work becomes more efficient.

We provide

Logistics and warehousing
Salespeople and sales support


In addition to staffing, the Svenska Bolagsteamet has extensive experience in consulting on a number of corporate issues that can be challenging for some to solve themselves. This may involve developing and streamlining operations, but also provide guidance when it comes to decommissioning, sales or acquisitions. We probably think a little more outside the box in many cases. However, some of our customers say that we are straightforward if we think they are wrong.